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Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Call Of Duty Mobile( October)

Call Of Duty Mobile 

Call Of Duty Mobile

Call Of Duty WW2 Long-awaited, the news of the 16th orthodox work of "Call of Duty" was finally released at 1 am on May 31 in Beijing. The new name was identified as "Call of Duty Mobile Apk"
Next, let me bring you to summarize and analyze the news that is currently released:

What is Call of Duty Mobile coming out?

"Obligation at hand Mobile formally declared, authoritatively discharged on October 25 this year

1 three significant changes, cross-stage, no season tickets, new motor.


Call of duty ww2 Pc The official did not announce the details, but according to the usual situation, it should be similar to "Fortress Night". "If the PC player desires to hook up with the host player, he must use the cope with, and the host player will no longer fit the PC participant through default.  Call of duty mobile Download Host players want to set up manually across platforms, so worry about the handles being inferior and the host players on the PC don't have to be nervous.

 No season ticket

 Call of duty ww2 Cast In the past COD works, the season ticket incorporates a multiplayer map and a zombie mode map. If you want to play a new map, you can only buy a season ticket, and those who buy a season ticket will be matched first to those who have a season ticket, resulting in a longer matching time.  Moreover, the player's diversion is very serious, which also leads to a very embarrassing situation, that is, after the game is released for two years, the popular period has passed. Call of Duty Mobile Controller After buying the season ticket, even the ontology map can not match the player, and canceling the season ticket means meaning to the multiplayer player.  extraordinary.

 New COD engine
What is the discharge date of Call of Duty Mobile?
 Call of duty mobile game As we all know, the COD series has always been another year for the ancestral engine seams.  The motor dependent on the remote media news has been produced for a long time, bolsters RTX, and the IW gathering will share this motor to the next two gatherings. The new motor will bring What impact is expected.

2, single player return

 the single-player campaign has caused a lot of dissatisfaction, and the emergence of the "CODMW" single-player campaign is expected.

 note!  Call of duty Modern warfare According to the official news, although it is called modern warfare, it has nothing to do with the "CODMW" trilogy.Call of duty mobile zoombies The new story and new job are not the post-transmission or prequel of the MW set of three..  That is to say, in the trailer, the captain of Price and the captain of the MW trilogy, in addition to the name model (the dubbing is also replaced), there should be no relationship in other aspects, that is, the so-called "soft"  Restart."

 3. Join the cooperation mode

Will Call of Duty Mobile be free?
 By convention, the PS4 platform will be the first to experience updated content for 7 days, including the new season, new maps, new weapons and more.

 4, according to Sony's official news,

 this game will still exist PS4 to experience new content first

By convention, the PS4 platform will be the first to experience updated content for 7 days, including the new season, new maps, new weapons and more.

 5.This work is delivered by numerous IW employees.

Call of duty Black Ops 4 Old players ought to recollect that during the moving in spite of the LOGO of the IW group, was actually not the responsibility of the old IW staff.  group is currently two works "  COD: GHOST ("Call of Duty") and "COD: infinite warfare" ("Call of Duty 4") are very bad. The overall performance is also disappointing for many players Charlieintel unveiled the news and didn't have the foggiest idea whether it was for Pre request players a reassurance.

 6, summary of the gossip, to be confirmed

 1 multi person mode several intelligence:

 In the multiplayer mode, the classic maps and weapons of the COD MW trilogy will return, and the multiplayer mode, cooperative mode, and single player mode share the weapon experience, which The other two modes.

In which nation is Call of Duty Mobile released

 The multi person mode killing reward mechanism is the same as the COD MW series.  In other words, it is the killing of the killer, not the point system, which means that the number of killings of the killing points is not counted in the killing bonus points.

 2 no zombie mode, no big escape mode

 3 Use the cover to perform special actions, or may be sideways, similar to R6.

In addition, Infinity Ward also confirmed to the outside media that "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" will not include season ticket content.  The story of the new "Modern War" is full of emotions, and the plot is tense, which can make people pry into the path of modern warfare.  The single player mode is thrilling, rich in detail, and the content is thought provoking.
Is Call of Duty coming to mobile?
Players can work alongside various international special forces and freedom fighters, in the gray areas of the rules of engagement, Call of Duty mobile and perform a number of high energy disguised tasks in European milestone urban areas and the violent Middle East.
Players can perform missions including close range combat, secret sneak and long-range combat, and the player's tactical decision-making ability will be the ultimate test.
The above is a summary of the message "Call of Duty Mobile Apk". It seems that the "COD" series is intended to respond to the voices of the players. According to the current news, the individual is optimistic about this, but currently it is single player mode or multiplayer mode.
How do I download Call of Duty Mobile?

 Call of duty mobile official real Players can perform missions including close-range combat, secret sneak and long-range combat,