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Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Make Money Online by Coding Step By Step 2020

Make Money Online by Coding Step by Step Guide

Make Money Online by Coding Step by Step Guide

Make Money Online by Coding.Today I want to share With you about how to make $3,000 a month through freelancing and this is actually going to be a video about the number one way to make $3,000 a month with free front.

How To Make Money Freelancing Coding

Freelancing but not just that I mean you can scale this up to so much I mean the possibilities are endless okay so real quick for you is a coding learning out a code whether it be you know front-end web development or back-end web development.
Make Money Coding Python
 whether it be like you can look these up PHP you know and then there's Ruby Python Java those are two main ones for like apps and some and then PHP Like Friendly Interface App.

 and shit but basically yet you can teach this stuff to yourself you don't need to buy any courses there's a list of just websites and apps that you can use for this you do not need it doesn't cost you any money you can get certified for like less than 100 bucks or 100 bucks you can have so many certifications.

 build a portfolio that is certifications and it'll be plenty easier to urge this these jobs however you'll learn basic code in sort of a month arm two months and you can get paid three thousand dollars a month with this.
 I'll tell you why because because coding is like the number one in-demand freelancing job that exists and then I think that it's always going to be but now it's more than ever because everything is going to mobile devices so really learning how to Make Money Online by Coding an app learning how to code something for mobile for a mobile device.
Make Money  coding by HTML
This  is your best way to go and it won't even take you that long I do know that I'm going to learn how to code soon I'm going to come over I'm going to come out with that channel for you guys and I'll just like direct you guys to that Article.

 if you're interested in that what that's going to be is a case study on businesses that I'm actually you know starting from scratch and stuff I already have the one set up and I've already had like meetings with clients I have a phone call with the potential client.

actually and I'll just I'll talk more about this on the other channel once I started I'm just in the process of some things right now so I'll probably start it in like a week though for sure for you guys if you're interested.

but with that marketing business I'm also going to start a chatbot agency and I'll tell you why because nobody has chatbots right now you can't you can't you can't find a big Facebook earning group you can easily deal with you online.

measures but chat bots aren't just good for like you know people who make money online or sell software's or stuff like that that's usually the people that will have chat bots that or like famous random famous fan pages or something like that.

but I guarantee you businesses that need social media marketing are not going to have chat BOTS and you can sell a chat bot you know you can either do like a hundred to three hundred dollars a month for a certain chat bot or whatever or you can just sell one one flat fee and I've actually got this amazing like idea.

I don't want I can't share with you guys yet it's freaking amazing and it's not being done right now and I cannot wait to enforce it or like implement it.

I'm obviously going to focus on my digital marketing agency first what I'm going to do there is I'm going to basically get like to at least two clients I want to be making like at least $1,000 a month with this you know what I mean my rates are pretty high my rates aren't hive actually pretty cheap but I have Facebook page and easily can earn for like 1800 months.

so yeah and I actually have a business that wants everything he wants everything he just wants to come up with some content real quick so I mean if it doesn't go through you know I'm still trying I'm actually talking to like three other businesses right now.

 that's what you got to do you got to keep trying but again I'll have all this on the other on the other the other of channel so and it's going to be my name by the way it's not going to have like a brand or anything.

I'm just it's marketing myself and stuff like that so another thing though oh yeah just back to the back to the Make Money coding okay yeah just so apps called learn lrn is one of them and then there's an app treehouse.

Gain Money Coding

it's called treehouse now there's a free trial I haven't started mine yet because I want to make the most of it but there's a free trial with the treehouse it's seven days long and they're supposed to be really really good I've heard some really great reviews about them.

but it's you don't need I mean there's just so many different apps and websites out there you do not need to go with these I'm just speaking of ones that I know of and once that I've researched.

Make Money online by coding once that I know a lot of people are using and having a lot of success with okay but there's a bunch of other you know free universities out there offering coding and all this stuff so you know I'll have some links to the ones that I like and the ones that I because I've researched a lot of them and stuff users is the ones that I'm going to go with us.Make Money programming reddit

so I'll put those down in the leaks I'll put those down in the description for you guys but do your own research okay because there's literally endless amounts of websites ,Mostly people create website for online earning and also published application on the play store for
 free coding courses free coding classes the whole everything you can learn everything okay now the part that you're probably not going to like is that it's going to be very very hard there is a strong learning curve a big learning curve with coding.

 so it's definitely something that it's going to take a lot of motivation and self-discipline a lot of self-discipline but you know you just gotta you just got to push through it you really just got to push through.
it and make it happen for yourself so yeah anyways I'll let you guys know when I come out with the channel but I definitely wanted to get this out to you guys because if you want to make money online and you want to be really successful.

Make Money Coding HTML

you know you want to do all the other stuff that I've had my previous videos I've got loads of honest content some Kate little case studies of you know tutorials where I walk through 
and show you what I made and stuff like that you know if you guys really want to make my own line though or you know you just want to make a full time living with doing part-time work online you know by freelancing.

 Best suggest for you  Make Money Online Coding so you recognize simply I just begin cryptography like like I'm getting to have the links down for you below just start coding if you guys need to grasp ways that of creating cash on-line then you ought to positively Share this text with Friends.