Your SBI Yono account will be blocked if you do not update the PAN number, know the whole truth

On social media, a message of account closure for not updating PAN card in SBI Yono is going viral very fast, know the truth of this message.

There are many account holders whose bank account is opened in the State Bank of India, State Bank of India also has a mobile app called SBI Yono, on this you can run your bank account from anywhere and anytime. Now a message regarding this app is going viral very fast on social media, in this message going viral, it is being claimed that your SBI Yono account will be closed if you do not update the PAN card number, let us now know that viral How much truth is there in the claim.

Know the Truth:

PIB has fact-checked this message spreading fast on social media. After fact-checking, PIB found that this message spreading in the name of all Uno is completely fake. It was said by SBI that no such message has been sent to the customer, so if you are also a customer of SBI and you have also received such a message, then you should not trust that news at all, as well as whenever If someone asks you to share your bank details like this, do not respond to that message, phone, and email. If you have also received any such message, then report it by going to

The bank continuously keeps on giving information from time to time to avoid such fraud. It is your duty as well that you also help in stopping such news again and not spreading such news. 

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